Equipment Housing

Housing & Colocation service is available at the DEEC / ISR / IT Common Datacenter. This service is the colocation of the server or other computer equipment with network access.
Since the server is provided by the client, it will also be configured, administered and maintained (hardware) by the same. This way, its owner can install the software he wants as well as configure it carefully.

The space dedicated to this service has redundant connections to the network core and UPS connection and is physically limited, so new orders need to be checked for availability.

Benefits and Features

  • Energy - UPS access, ensuring greater electrical safety and equipment stability
  • Temperature Control - HVAC (Temperature and Humidity Control) system provides constant temperature and relative humidity control
  • Network core connection - Direct network core connection for increased stability, superior access speed and low latency between applications and users
  • Security - Limited Access Space Enables Greater Equipment Security

Owner Responsibilities

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Backups
  • Software Updates
  • Problem solving
  • Licensing

Anomalies and Problems

For security reasons, if anomalies are detected (viruses, malicious software, software malfunctions, etc.), security breaches (attacked accounts, etc.) or any other issues that have a potential impact on the remaining infrastructure, The equipment will be immediately disconnected from the network and delivered to the owner to correct the identified situations.

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