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E-mail Configuration

Incoming settings

Protocol IMAP
Host name
Security SSL
Port 993
Authentication Method Password (normal)
Username <your username> (for example, jsmith)
Password <your password>

Outgoing settings

Host name
Port 25
Authentication Method 
Password (normal)
<your username> (for example, jsmith) 
Password <your password> 


Use the address


E-mail system regulation

In order to combat the growing computer security threats, specifically in electronic mail systems, it has become essential to review and modify some rules and requirements that govern the operation of these systems.

SPF – Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a mechanism that identifies which email servers are allowed to send email on behalf of your domain, through the DNS system.

Systems that send e-mail with a sender address @ will most likely be classified as Spam, if they are not on the list of authorized persons in the SPF records.

If you need a system or service that sends e-mail with sender @, you should contact the ISR Informatics Office (, with a view to obtaining instructions on how to proceed.
Implications of this requirement
It is no longer possible to use alternative identities for sending mail. For example, you cannot use the DEEC or IT SMTP server (sending) to send e-mail with the sender @ For this, you must set up an ISR account.

DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a mechanism for validating and guaranteeing the integrity of the content of the email during its transport, with regard to its modification both in the content and in the headers. This mechanism also validates if the e-mail attachments, if any, have not been altered during transport from the sender to the recipient.

A digital signature of the issuing server is included in all emails sent.

This mechanism allows you to avoid spoofing attacks. Spoofing is a malicious technique of changing the sender of a message so that the victim opens emails, for example, with viruses or other malicious devices (phishing, etc.). This is because the malicious message arrives in the e-mail box with the sender of someone you know.

ISR systems implement the DKIM system, to increase security in e-mail.


The widespread use of e-mail as a form of everyday communication has made it an obvious target for malicious activities by malicious people. Mail sent in this context is called Spam.

The response of system administrators to this threat is systems and mechanisms whose function is to filter and block unsolicited and malicious messages, which are called anti-spam systems.

These systems are placed before the end server, where the mail is delivered and normally work transparently for the end user. Currently, all email service providers implement some type of anti-spam filter.

Due to its nature, there is no perfect anti-spam system. For this reason, the system may, in particular situations, retain an email, classifying it as Spam. There are ways to recover these emails, when considered a false positive, associated with mechanisms that allow this to not be repeated.

Due to the discontinuation of the Anti-spam service in operation at ISR, it became necessary to proceed with its replacement with a new one. This process was the subject of a careful study of the existing alternatives followed by a phase of laboratory tests, having opted for the MailCleaner solution.

MailCleaner Features

The MailCleaner system is based on a set of sophisticated filtering technologies that work together. End users have full control over the quarantine function: with a simple click, the user can delete or release any message held by the filter.

MailCleaner implements a number of complementary techniques for detecting and blocking Spam, combining artificial intelligence algorithms that are constantly adapting to the identification of ever-changing spammers' techniques.

The anti-virus filter built into MailCleaner filters messages for viruses, worms and suspicious attachments with potentially malicious content.

MailCleaner can recognize and classify newsletters. The user will only receive the newsletters that he / she really wants to receive and keep the rest in quarantine.

MailCleaner has an authenticated web interface for simplified self-service management of quarantined messages, black and white lists, among other features.

The address for Self Service is


POP3 Configuration for Gmail

Configuração POP3 para 

Below are screenshots of the GMail POP3 client setup procedure for ISR email, for a better illustration of the process.

In point 5, enter your ISR email address.

In point 7, enter the password associated with your ISR account.
In point 8, enter and make sure that port 995 is selected in point 9.

At this time, Gmail will get email from your ISR account at regular intervals.

Networks & Conectivity

Networks & Conectivity

Equipment Housting

Housing & Colocation service is available at the DEEC / ISR / IT Common Datacenter. This service is the colocation of the server or other computer equipment with network access.
Since the server is provided by the client, it will also be configured, administered and maintained (hardware) by the same. This way, its owner can install the software he wants as well as configure it carefully.

The space dedicated to this service has redundant connections to the network core and UPS connection and is physically limited, so new orders need to be checked for availability.

Benefits and Features

  • Energy - UPS access, ensuring greater electrical safety and equipment stability
  • Temperature Control - HVAC (Temperature and Humidity Control) system provides constant temperature and relative humidity control
  • Network core connection - Direct network core connection for increased stability, superior access speed and low latency between applications and users
  • Security - Limited Access Space Enables Greater Equipment Security

Owner Responsibilities

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Backups
  • Software Updates
  • Problem solving
  • Licensing

Anomalies and Problems

For security reasons, if anomalies are detected (viruses, malicious software, software malfunctions, etc.), security breaches (attacked accounts, etc.) or any other issues that have a potential impact on the remaining infrastructure, The equipment will be immediately disconnected from the network and delivered to the owner to correct the identified situations.



Authentication & Account password

ISR Coimbra has a centralized authentication system, that is, a unique identification system, which allows all its users to access the various informed services, using the same authentication credentials - the same username and password.
Given the degree of criticality of this keyword, which allows access to multiple computer services, were used according to the following rules:
You can change your password at

Information Systems

Information Systems

Connection to Web and Home servers via FTP TLS / SSL

This document presents the necessary steps to access via FTP TLS / SSL the servers and

1 - Download and install Cyberduck. To download it click here (select Windows or Mac OSX).
2 - Open Cyberduck, click on Open Connection, select FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS) and then fill in the server address, as well as your user and password:


3 - After the connection is established, you can start transferring files between the server and your machine.


Information Systems

Personal Page Hosting Service


ISR provides its employees with a service for the publication of personal web pages. This service is available through the URL
The materials hosted through this service are the responsibility of each user and reflect their individual vision. The published information does not represent the opinion or policy of the Institute of Systems and Robotics. Thus, the institution should not be associated with the users' view, expressed in the pages hosted on this service.
Personal website management
The access to the server, for editing the pages, is done through the SFTP protocol and your ISR credentials.
The table below shows the settings you should use in your usual SFTP client (we suggest Cyberduck for OSX and WinSCP for Windows).
Definition Description Value to be configured
Server Endereço do servidor que aloja o serviço
Protocol for interaction with the server, for the manipulation of remote files
SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
Username of the user to be connected to the server
ISR domain username
Password of the user to be connected to the server
Password of the respective account
Path in the file system, where the site is hosted

Location and Permissions

The website must be contained in a folder, named public_html, within your account. If it is not yet created, you must proceed with its creation.
In addition, you must ensure that the folder and all files contained have the correct permissions (755 - u = rwx, g = rx, o = rx), using the command below, using the SFTP client:

Previous Systems

Forwarders of previously published URLs have been created to ensure their smooth operation. Thus and, automatically point to

The sites were automatically copied from the old server (MAIL ISR). If for some reason you were using the ISO-8859-1 encoding and your page contains unformatted characters, you can create an .htaccess file, with the following content, / home / <username> / public_html, to solve the problem:
AddDefaultCharset iso-8859-1



Microsoft Office 365 Education


Office 365 Education Plus is available free of charge to students and employees enrolled at the University of Coimbra.
Install Office on a maximum of 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android ™, iPad® and Windows tablets.
Enjoy access to Office 365 services, such as 1TB online storage on OneDrive and Yammer.
To make the initial registration, use the link (use your @ address for registration)

What's Included

Complete applications installed

Create reports and presentations with the latest versions of the applications you know so well and trust. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. 

Easy real-time collaboration

Work with your colleagues online and see each other's changes in real time with Office Online and OneDrive. The time for exchanging emails with outdated versions is a thing of the past. 

Optimized note-taking tools

Type or write notes by hand, capture web pages, record audio / video, embed spreadsheets and more with OneNote, available on all your devices. 




OpenVPN offers a flexible VPN solution to ensure the security of communications data, whether to guarantee privacy on the Internet or remote access by employees to the internal resources of organizations.


OpenVPN Manual for Windows

To use this service you need a account


To download OpenVPN just go here, and below you will find the respective download.


Then, perform the respective installation.