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Eduroam Configuration

The Telecommunications Institute is covered by a wireless network, thus allowing transparent and fast access to the network and the Internet.

Two networks are available, whose names (SSID) are IT-Coimbra and EDUROAM. The IT-Coimbra network has local addressing common to the wired IT network, allowing access to the resources there (for example, printers). The EDUROAM network is integrated into the European network, so it only allows access to the Internet and not to local resources. Both are configured in the same way, which will be described below.

Regarding technical specifications, the definitions to be used for network access are as follows:

Value to set
Wireless Type Types of wireless networking technology that supports wireless networking 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bandwidth up to 900Mbps per space
Support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies
SSID Wireless Network Name IT-Coimbra / EDUROAM
Wireless Protection Wireless Encryption System Type WPA 2 (AES/CCMP, Dynamic)
Method of authenticating a device / user to a protected network EAP-PEAP + MSCHAPv2
Certificate Validation Digital Certificate Verification and Validation System Do not check / Disabled
Login Login of the user who wants to connect to the network Email address with the format (for example, )
Password Password of the user who wants to connect to the network Password of the respective account
In case of difficulty, you can contact the Helpdesk service, through the address.