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Computer Labs

DEEC has a set of didactic laboratories, prepared with a set of workstations to support teaching activities, connected to the local network.

Computers, as an essential support tool, are equipped with the necessary software for the different subjects taught.

To this end, there are 8 laboratories, equipped with a total of 133 workstations, installed with Windows and / or Linux operating system, distributed as follows:
Initials Laboratory Nº of computers
LAI 1 Laboratório de Apoio Informático 1 20
LAI 2 Laboratório de Apoio Informático 2 20
LAI 3 Laboratório de Apoio Informático 3 30
LMI Laboratório de Medidas e Instrumentação 12
LSD Laboratório de Sistemas Digitais 15
LSRC Laboratório de Sistemas e Redes de Computadores 20
LT Laboratório de Telecomunicações 5
LH Laboratório de Hiperfrequências 5

Teachers may request the installation of additional software at any time through the service. At the beginning of each semester, requests must be made in advance, as these are times with high requests.