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Microsoft Imagine

To use this service, you need to own a account!

Microsoft Imagine is a protocol that Microsoft signs with the Departments of Universities that teach disciplines in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas that gives FREE access to its students, teachers and employees of the Department to Microsoft tools.

The protocol can be used through a Web based platform. In this way, it is possible for the community to obtain a personal copy of all available software, with a personal account for each user. The software delivery process is automated, freeing those responsible / administrators to essentially manage the painful process of assigning the unique Keys to which each user is entitled to obtain their personal copy of the software. On the part of users, access to the software becomes available uninterruptedly, at any time and in any place, as long as they are registered in the system. The fact that each student has their own personal account gives them full access to “their” software, being able to access their Product Keys at any time or order new software products.

Who has access?

  • DEEC students, who attend courses in the current academic year;
  • Teachers;
  • Contributors;

Microsoft Imagine Accounts

Access to Microsoft Imagine is dependent on the creation of accounts by the management of the DEEC Computer Network (GRI).

For this purpose, the GRI creates the accounts as follows:

  • For students, at the beginning of each academic year;
  • For teachers and collaborators, when creating the departmental account;

At that moment, each user receives an email, in the institutional email account, automated by the platform, with the initial access instructions to the platform.

Accounts on the Dreamspark platform are independent of departmental accounts, with no connection to DEEC's centralized authentication services. For this reason, they may have a different password.

Platform Access

The username is the institutional email address.

The password is, as already mentioned, generated by Microsoft, and is automatically sent in the initial email.

If you have lost or do not know your password, you can recover it on the Microsoft Imagine authentication page (“Sign In”), using the following options:
“Forgot you password?” - This option sends the user a new password.
The address (URL) for accessing the platform is:

Rules of Use

  • The available software can be used in academic projects, classes, research, group work or departmental projects of the faculty;
  • Students covered by the protocol will be able to install the software on their personal machines, as long as they are only for their own use and only for academic purposes;
  • The use of tools obtained by students under the protocol is authorized, even after leaving or finishing the course, only for academic or research purposes;
  • The installation of Microsoft Windows or other operating systems made available, can only be carried out on PCs without a pre-installed system (OEM) for academic purposes and for the student's own use, and the operating system cannot be transferred in case of computer transfer. ;
  • The student can save A SINGLE copy of the software provided, when it is provided in the * .ISO format;

Incorret Use

  • The use of the tools available for the development of products that are not of academic and / or research scope;
  • The installation of the operating systems made available for the use of other software not covered by the protocol that runs on them;
  • The use of the software made available for commercial purposes;
  • The software provided cannot be rented, sold, transferred or transferred to third parties, whether they are (for example) other departments, other students, companies or consultants;