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Printer Software Instalation for Windows

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In this document, the installation of the printers in the locker room and cabinet 3A4 on Windows will be presented step by step.

Installing the printer

1 – To install the printers it is necessary to download the drivers here.

2- Run the client-local-install.exe installer located in the “drivers \ client \ win” folder in the ZIP file.

3- Enter your DEEC credentials.

4- Subsequently, access the Control Panel, option “View devices and printers” and select the option “Add new printer”.

5- In the window that will open (Add a device), click on “The printer I want is not listed”.

6- Then select the option "Select a printer shared by name" and enter the address of the printer you want to install:

7– Then click on the “Disk” button and choose the driver that you downloaded in the first step of this manual.

8- Select the driver in the “drivers \ drivers \ win \ PC-Global-Print-Driver” folder and click on next.

The printer is now successfully installed.

Default duplex printing

To perform default duplex printing, the following steps are required:

1 – Access the control panel.

2 – With the right mouse button on the desired printer, select the option “Printing preferences”.

3 – In the "Printing Preferences" window, select the "Layout" tab and in the "Print on both sides" dropdown, use the option "Flip to the widest edge" or "Flip to the narrowest edge".

In this way, the prints you make will default to these settings.