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Setup DEEC Wi-Fi in Windows 8.1

To use this service you need a or account!

DEEC Network Installation Guide on Windows 8


In this document you will be presented step by step the installation of DEEC Wireless Network.
In the images in this document  DEEC-Labs should be replaced by DEEC.

Windows 8.1

Go to "Start Menu", "Control Panel", "Network and Internet", "Network and Sharing Center":
Then click on “Set up a new connection or network”:

Then click on “Manually connect to a wireless network”:

The fields must be completed, according to the following image:
Attention, the "Network Name" is case sensitive.

On the next page, go to “Change Connection Settings”:

The configuration to be made in the "Connection" and "Security" tab is explicit in the two images below:

On the “Security” tab, “DEEC Wireless Network Properties”, “Settings”, you should uncheck “Validate Server Certificate”:

In turn go to “Configure” and uncheck “Automatically use login name (…)”:

Finally, you only need to enter your user credentials in the DEEC.UC.PT domain: