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Wi-Fi DEEC Description

To use this service you need a or account!

In addition to the EDUROAM network, DEEC has its own wireless network that covers Teachers' offices, most classrooms and teaching labs, providing local addressing and resources.

The complete list of spaces now equipped with Access Points is as follows:

  1. Gabinetes de Docente no Piso 1 (4 units)
  2. Gabinetes de Docente no Piso 3 (4 units)
  3. Gabinetes de Docente no Piso 3A (4 units)
  4. Gabinete de Gestão da Rede Informática
  5. Laboratório de Apoio Informático 1
  6. Laboratório de Apoio Informático 3
  7. Laboratório de Automação
  8. Laboratório de Circuitos
  9. Laboratório de Controlo
  10. Laboratório de Electrónica
  11. Laboratório de Electrónica de Potência
  12. Laboratório de Hiperfrequências
  13. Laboratório de Instrumentação e Medidas
  14. Laboratório de Máquinas
  15. Laboratório de Processamento Digital de Sinal
  16. Laboratório de Redes e Sistemas de Computadores
  17. Laboratório de Sistemas Digitais
  18. Laboratório de Telecomunicações
  19. Laboratório de Sistemas Electromecânicos
  20. Sala de Estudo
  21. Sala T4.2
  22. Sala T4.3
  23. Sala T5.2
  24. Sala T5.3
  25. Sala T6.3
  26. Sala de Exames
This wireless network (DEEC) is part of the computer infrastructure of DEEC, thus allowing transparent and fast access to DEEC local network resources. The EDUROAM wireless network (see below) is still available in the department's public areas.
For technical configurations, the settings to use for network access are as follows:
Value to set
Wireless Type Types of wireless networking technology that supports wireless networking 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bandwidth up to 900Mbps per space
Support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies
SSID Wireless Network Name DEEC
Wireless Protection Wireless Encryption System Type WPA 2 (AES/CCMP, Dynamic)
Method of authenticating a device / user to a protected network EAP-PEAP + MSCHAPv2
Certificate Validation Digital Certificate Verification and Validation System Do not check / Disabled
Login Login of the user who wants to connect to the network DEEC.UC.PT Domain Email Address
(for example,, or
Password Password of the user who wants to connect to the network Password of the respective account

DEEC Network Installation Manuals