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Network Usage Policy

In order to use the computer resources available at FCTUC's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC), you must know the network usage policy presented on this page.

These standards are in place to ensure the correct availability of resources for all users, protecting them from any problems caused by misuse of resources.

A) Users Rights and Duties

  1. The accounts assigned to users are owned by DEEC;
  2. Only students and collaborators of the University of Coimbra will be able to use one account;
  3. Users are aware that their account is personal and cannot assign its use to third parties;
  4. The user is responsible for servicing the machines, terminals and other network equipment they use;
  5. The user is aware of the Computer Crime Law No. 109/91 published on 17 August 1991 which includes, among others, the following offenses:
    • Tampering or sabotaging of data, programs or computer systems;
    • Unauthorized access to computer networks and systems;
    • Illegitimate interception of programs and / or data;
    • Illegitimate reproduction and dissemination of programs;
    • That any attempted infringement, even if not consummated, is equally punishable by law;

B) Terms of Use

  1. The use of other users' password interception software is prohibited;
  2. You are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access other users' accounts;
  3. The installation of software on the Department's equipment is prohibited, as well as the configuration / reconfiguration of external or internal equipment, without prior knowledge of the Computer Network Management Office (GRI);
  4. It is forbidden to change the physical characteristics of the Department's equipment, as well as to change its location without prior knowledge of the GRI;
  5. It is forbidden to use programs that result in DoS (Denial of Service) and consequent interruptions of services in the network;
  6. The dissemination of any and all illicit content (including games, software and music, advertising, pornography, copyrighted content, viruses / worms, etc.) is prohibited through the use of DEEC accounts and / or the Department's network;
  7. The use of P2P (peer-to-peer) software is prohibited;
  8. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that their account is not used by third parties, so you should take steps such as logging out whenever you are away from a device, using a secure password, changing your password regularly and not transmitting it to you. the 3rd;

C) Good Network Usage Practices

  1. The user should avoid reaching the quota limits assigned in each system, making a good management of the contents of the account and its email;
  2. The user should avoid spreading large files to a large group of users;
  3. You should avoid using bandwidth-intensive software at peak times that may interfere with network performance and operation. In such situations, the GRI reserves the right to terminate ongoing proceedings without prior notice;
  4. The user should avoid that his account is a means of spreading any and all spam;
  5. The user should avoid using the DEEC account to register on websites that do not have an academic and / or professional purpose;

D) Sanctions

Users who fail to comply with the provisions set forth in the network usage policy will be subject to internal sanctions, in addition to the punishments contained in current legislation:

  1. Temporary suspension of the user account if misuse occurs;
  2. User account cancellation in cases of extreme severity;
  3. Communication to the competent authorities of situations that result in the commission of a crime;

E) Usage Control

  1. Verification of the correct use of resources and compliance with all the above indications is the responsibility of the GRI, which should be contacted if in doubt.